Augmented Reality show with National Geography

Feed the dinosaurs, pet a leopard, moonwalk with an astronaut or brave a storm. Zain in cooperation with 360 MALL & National Geographic Channel, brings to you the spectacular world of augmented reality. Step in and be transported.
Venue: Main Atrium. Date: 22nd-25th December. Time: 10am-10pm.

It would be a very amazing to try it for yourself and take the kids where they can have fun there. Don’t miss it ;)

وايد حبيت الفكره، تجربه حلوه خصوصا لليهال
ان شالله اذا صار عندي وقت ناويه اروح
حدي تشوقت لأني احب سوالف الديناصورات لول

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