check these new items from DANA NAFISI JEWELRY, aren't they so calssy?

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or contact them at alnafisi.d@gmail.com
Mobile # +965 9745 7707

Sweet 'n Cup Competition

يالله يا مصورينا المبدعين شدو حيلكم
المسابقه حلوه، و الجوائز احلى

What's new at Panacheous

 look at these cute bibs from Panacheous

Salem Galbhom

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JF Scarves

no that the new habba is cotton scarves, I thin you guys should check out JF Scarves, they have some fashinable cotton scarves. I've been told they're comfy & stylish

here's what JF Scarves Say:

Do you like to be different?
Do you like to stand out?
Do you want to be the first to try the latest trend?

Are you looking for comfort?
Are you looking for simple designs?
Are you looking for variety?

Are you looking for something specifically designed by you, for you?

Wave goodbye to qoba3at, pins and tape, your headscarf will never be out of place again when you try JF Scarves.

JF's Ad in Al-Watan Newspaper

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Bayan Dental Clinic

msa2 l.ward wel.anwar ;D

 Yesterday I received Bayan Dental Clinic's 2011 calendar & allow me to say that it's fascinating. I went through a few pages & it felt as if I'm flipping through one of those fancy fashion magazines. I even stopped I didn't want to see all of them lol, wanted to keep some as a surprise. Each & every page is very eye-catching mashalla. Lovely work by Bayan Dental Clinic. That's definitely going to be the calendar on my desk ;)

here's a look ;)

A big "thank you" goes out to Bayan Dental Clinic

For more info abt Bayan Dental Clinic check out their website:

Popular Popcorn

Good evening ppl in Q8 City ;) a lovely night, isn't it?

Last week I received a sample of Popular Popcorn. They kindly sent a sample of their white chocolate & coconut popcorn, their chocolate popcorn, & their caramel popcorn. The 1st thing that I noticed once I opened one of the bags was that the popcorn was really really blown up, in a really good way. I've never seen popcorn like this one honestly & it actually tasted good. I really wanted to take some pics of the popcorn itself but sadly I don't have no more left, the kids went crazy over it lol. Back to my my opinion, I thought the chocolate popcorn had too much popcorn, it didn't feel like I was eating popcorn, but the white chocolate-coconut one was a HIT. It was so delicious & great. The caramel popcorn was o.k.

but I really recommend you ppl out there try it out especially the white chocolate-coconut one, I promise you won't regret it ;D
one more thing I found lovely was the fact that I felt like the popcorn was fresh, wasn't like those other cheap popcorn bags that taste like plastic, & according to what's writing on the bag it's all natural ;D
Well done Popular Popcorn team, I'm really impressed ;)

btw: Popular popcorn is available in supermarkets.

for more info check out their: