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Good evening ppl in Q8 City ;) a lovely night, isn't it?

Last week I received a sample of Popular Popcorn. They kindly sent a sample of their white chocolate & coconut popcorn, their chocolate popcorn, & their caramel popcorn. The 1st thing that I noticed once I opened one of the bags was that the popcorn was really really blown up, in a really good way. I've never seen popcorn like this one honestly & it actually tasted good. I really wanted to take some pics of the popcorn itself but sadly I don't have no more left, the kids went crazy over it lol. Back to my my opinion, I thought the chocolate popcorn had too much popcorn, it didn't feel like I was eating popcorn, but the white chocolate-coconut one was a HIT. It was so delicious & great. The caramel popcorn was o.k.

but I really recommend you ppl out there try it out especially the white chocolate-coconut one, I promise you won't regret it ;D
one more thing I found lovely was the fact that I felt like the popcorn was fresh, wasn't like those other cheap popcorn bags that taste like plastic, & according to what's writing on the bag it's all natural ;D
Well done Popular Popcorn team, I'm really impressed ;)

btw: Popular popcorn is available in supermarkets.

for more info check out their:

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