Health Stop Review

Today I was lucky enough to try two meals from Health Stop. I ordered a large South Beach Platter & a Mixed Platter. Each meal comes with two side dishes so I chose brown rice & grilled potatos for both.
I asked them to deliver it at 4 pm , as I wanted it for futoor, they actually delievered it at 4:00 pm sharp, which was great. I love those who respect time. And it was really hot, as if it's just been served ;)

I thought the packaging was cute, liked it ;)

here's the South Beach Platter, it consists of two pieces of grilled chicken breasts with barbecue sauce, along with cubes o grilled potato & some brown rice.
The chicken was good, but a little bit dry though. The potato was great, & so was the brown rice. One comment is that this plate was supposed to be large, but somehow I don't think it was, it was more than enough for me, but for some one who's bigger & who's in good terms with food, I don't think it would be enough.

Now, here's The Mixed Platter, it consists of one piece of grilled chicken & grilled steak tips with barbecue sauce, along with cubes o grilled potato & some brown rice. So, the only difference between this plate & South Beach platter is the steak. I actually loved the steak a lot. It was well grilled & very juicy, just teh way I like it ;D. I think that the steak was by far the tastiest part of my meal ;)

over all I thought everything was lovely, I had a decent, delicious, & most importatnly a healthy meal
next time Inshalla, I'll be trying their brownies & salads ;D
A Big Thank U goes to Health Stop & their Twitter Team


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Absolute Chocolate's Hajj & Eid Specials‏

Absolute Chocolate's Hajj & Eid Specials

Homemade Chocolate Truffles, Pops & many more delicious Treats!

Eid Assorted Chocolate Truffles Tray! 14 KD includes 36 truffles!

Date bites! This is similar to a date cheese cake. It is for 12 KD in a glass plate with Eid decorations.

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For orders
call 6709-3333

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PICO Tamrya from PICO JOY

PICO Tamrya from PICO JOY


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small tamrya coated with different amazing flavors
45 tamrya in one box

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5aroof el.3eeD from Baked With Love

5aroof el.3eeD from Baked With Love

Baked with ove have always been surprising us with their good looking delicious dessert, this time they made 5aroof el.3eeD ;)
What a Cute Sheep ;)

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So Cute, isn't it ?

check their FB page, they really do have other cute stuff

To order call or text: 65650448 from 9 am - 8pm
or e-mail them at:
2-3 kd for delivery

Only Cake Eid Dessert

Only Cake Eid Dessert

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looks good & tastes good
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For further info contact AlYazi Al-Awadh
call: +96566295556
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