5aroof el.3eeD from Baked With Love

5aroof el.3eeD from Baked With Love

Baked with ove have always been surprising us with their good looking delicious dessert, this time they made 5aroof el.3eeD ;)
What a Cute Sheep ;)

*Copy rights of the pics go to their FB page*

So Cute, isn't it ?

check their FB page, they really do have other cute stuff

To order call or text: 65650448 from 9 am - 8pm
or e-mail them at: bkdwthlv@gmail.com
2-3 kd for delivery

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baked يقول...

Thank you, we are so proud and glad to see our cakes Pix in your blog

warm and sweet reagrds from,
Baked With Love family to you

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