Gold Line Cakes from Bread Talk

بريد توك منزلين لاين يديد من الكيك اسمه الGold Line
و فاجؤوني بهالكيكة لما رديت من الدوام 

Bread Talk
Thank you for the delicious cake
اكرمكم الله

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بنجر باشا - Banchar Basha

Banchar Basha is a 24/7 flat tire repair service covering all of kuwait. We also have a training program for car drivers to learn tire repair technique at its premises.

Hotline: +965 66494322

Birthday Wish List 2012

Birthday Wish List 2012

1- Ace that very important thing I have on that day 
2-  Flowers
3- A new red wallet 
4- Birthday wishes from my lovely friends & followers
5- Spending the day with my family
6- A chocolate cake that I'm not gonna share with anyone ;Pp~