Bayan Dental Clinic

msa2 l.ward wel.anwar ;D

 Yesterday I received Bayan Dental Clinic's 2011 calendar & allow me to say that it's fascinating. I went through a few pages & it felt as if I'm flipping through one of those fancy fashion magazines. I even stopped I didn't want to see all of them lol, wanted to keep some as a surprise. Each & every page is very eye-catching mashalla. Lovely work by Bayan Dental Clinic. That's definitely going to be the calendar on my desk ;)

here's a look ;)

A big "thank you" goes out to Bayan Dental Clinic

For more info abt Bayan Dental Clinic check out their website:

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Kuwaitiful يقول...

I couldn't help but stare at the toothbrush all day and wonder..

Did the toothbrush company pay Bayan Dental to use it or was it really the other way around.

Vainglorious يقول...

ehm! sharing is caring! So Kuwaitiful can take the toothbrush, I call the calendar! everything else is for u ;p

bayan dental center يقول...

kuwaitful- we were doing them a favor:D how about we focus on the more important issues like the creativity of the calender:P

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