Toosi Delights Review

Around a couple of weeks ago I paid Toosi delights a visit at their branch in Jabriyah. Their staff were very cooaprative & friendly, I mean I must have asked her a million question & she very kindly answered each & everyone. finally I decided what is it that I want. I got assorted flavors mini khama Delights, some ghrayba & , & 7lo tamer.

The khama was very very delicious, every one liked it & keep on asking about toosi the moment they tasted it, it was creamy, moist, & tender. 
the ghrayba was lovely, 3 flavours, original, chocolate & pistachio, I liked the original one more, I loved their way of presentation. Finally there's 7loo tamer, it's so sweet & tastes even better than it looks. I truly loved everything I've tried from Toosi, But the best amongst them all was the khama, really heavinly delicious.

I'm sorry I haven't taken much pictures of the products, but let me show you what I have.

finally I want to thank Toosi delights for this wonderful experience, there will definitely be many more in the future.
for more info about Toosi delights you can check their FB page

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