Celebrate 3eeD with Baked with Love

Celebrate 3eeD with Baked with Love

1st of all let's get to know a little abt Baked with Love:
It's the homemade taste delivered from us to you, with love and care that we put into each bite! and take each order personally.

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, or any occasion, are the perfect time to give bakery fresh gifts as unique and special as the person you are giving it to.

isn't this beautiful? I should give the kids these instead of 3eedeyah lol ;p

*Copy rights of the pics go to their FB page*

check their FB page, they really do have some very interesting stuff

To order call or text: 65650448 from 9 am - 8pm
or e-mail them at: bkdwthlv@gmail.com
2-3 kd for delivery

الصراحة ما شاء الله عليهم شغلهم نظيف و روعة، و أفكارهم يديدة و مبتكرة... شي مميز

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